torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014

WEEKS 5 & 6

Hope you guys have been enjoying these last weeks of July, I know I have, and this is because of four little things:
  1. I’m in NYC!!! (surprise!)
  2. The weather is finally showing some pity on me: for the first time since I moved here, I’ve felt like a human (and less like a puddle) for over a week!
  3. The progress we’ve been making with these songs - I’m beyond excited, it’s amazing to hear how they come alive as we move forward with the production!
  4. Aaaand, of course, MY MOM IS HERE!!
Having her here is obviously nice just because I get to hang out with her, but there are also plenty of other bonuses. Firstly, now I’ll have a reason to do some of the tourist stuff that I probably would never end up doing myself if she wasn’t here. It’s nice to be around someone who’s here on holiday - it gives you a lot of different kind of energy. But even more than that, it’s nice to have her here ’cause now I finally get to EAT! And by eating I mean Eating with a capital E, having dinners in restaurants and breakfasts in coffee shops, you know, getting a taste of the real NYC food culture. You see, there’s a side of this journey that I haven’t shared with you guys yet, probably because it’s a side that at times causes quite a lot of stress for me: money.

Everyone knows that living in NYC is not cheap to begin with, but when you add the fact that I’m paying for all the costs of this album release all by myself, that’s when it gets real. The reason why I chose to not even look for a label that could help me with these costs and other stuff, is that I don’t want to commit to anything long term at the moment, and this way I’ll be more independent and have more freedom to do this EP on my own terms. So I really am happy to pay, and besides, everyone I’ve worked with have been super flexible and extremely reasonable (a lot of exceptions have been made for me), so no complaints! But because of all this I have been living on a budget - so it’s nice to have a mom here to spoil me again! :D 

So I don’t know about you guys, but I’m off to pretend I’m a tourist in NYC and enjoy a day off with my mom!

This is what a happy daughter with the perfect breakfast looks like! (fear not - I did share it with my mom!)



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