perjantai 4. heinäkuuta 2014

WEEK 2: getting settled

So Peppina, what’s up with this blog, how come you didn’t post anything new sooner?
Well, dear reader…

Like I mentioned in the previous post, making an EP in NYC can make your days pretty eventful. So far, in 2 weeks, we’ve already written 7 new songs and started to sketch production for two of them. It’s been a loot of fun, but has also obviously taken a big bite off of my focus. But, what I didn’t mention was that life outside of work has been pretty colorful and different from my usual lifestyle as well. I was so lucky to be able to stay the first two weeks in the living room of these two wonderful girls, one of which I knew from hitRECord. Such generous, warm and lovely people! I had so much fun hanging out with them & other friends and, to be honest, I bet I would’ve felt much more alone during these first weeks if I had started this NYC journey by living on my own. However, not having your own space, your own place where you can go and get your thoughts together, it can be pretty unorganized and stressful.

With that being said, ladies and gents, I am very happy to announce that I HAVE A ROOM! For the next two months I’ll be living in Spanish Harlem, right next to central park… I’m super stoked, the place is great and the neighborhood looks lovely. No more using my luggage as a closet!!!

Also, in addition to all that, this means I’ll have more time, focus and energy to keep you guys posted on all the stuff that’s happening here! I already feel a lot less like my head is all over the place, after sleeping here for only 3 nights.

Now I’m off to celebrate the 4th of July for the first time! Happy Independence day, USA!

And finally, some photos for you all! :)

Working on the production with Michael & Jeff

Going crazy with Jimmy after a songwriting session...

... at Gibson Showroom!

Though I'll surely miss this rooftop view at the hitRECord hostel in Brooklyn...

... and will definitely miss living with these two (and eating Thai food on the floor with friends!!) even more...

... I can't complain about having this lovely room here!!

Stay tuned!

<3 Peppina

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  1. so nice to read these weekly stories Peppina <3 and i love the photos!