maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2014


YIKES: Ladies and gents, all the recording is DONE! Everything that will be on the album is inside the computer-universe now, and the guys are staying up ‘till 4 am mixing the tracks. I’m sooo proud of all of us, I had a good feeling about everything from the beginning, but I would’ve honestly never guessed we’d end up with such amazingness. Now that we have succeeded with the songs, it’s time for the tricky part: finding the right ways for promoting and marketing. This part is always a bit tricky, but especially because of the money situation, but, as we say in Finnish, “kyllä hätä keinot keksii” (which is something similar to “necessity is the mother of invention”), so I’m not worried. We’ve already a lot of plans for the fall, it’s just about getting a little bit of help and putting the pieces together.

And now, can’t believe I’m saying this, but in only 2 days, I’ll be kissing New York goodbye and will return to Finland. How could it be that the summer went by this fast?? As sad as I am to leave this magical place, even more than that I’m happy and grateful about having this chance to work here in the first place. And besides, even though this might be the end of the first chapter, this story isn’t over yet. And seeing where we’re at now, I’m more than excited to see what the second one might bring!

But still, to be honest, even writing about the fact that I have to leave without knowing exactly when I’ll be back makes me pretty sad… so I think I’ll leave this post where it is and hurry up enjoying this city while I still can! I’m super lucky to have a friend from back home to visit me during these last days, so I have also things outside work to keep myself busy, all kinds of cool tourist stuff! :D

See you (too) soon, Finland…